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Hi everyone!

I spent almost a year in Australia, just returned... and am now studying in Londonl. I'm greatly enjoying London... too much, actually, to update this website. So I'll leave it at that... I might include some new music soon, but otherwise... be patient, and mail me if you want to get to know me better :)

Well, and why now let you know... here's fun.edennis.de, and it's got a few pix of two friends of mine :) The plans for that subdomain are big, but no time so far...


Dennis [nov.19.03]

OK, first of all: sorry for the lack of updates ;o) und jetzt ein paar Worte auf Deutsch: ja, warum ist meine Homepage nur englischsprachig verfügbar? Hier ist der Grund: ich hab' keine Zeit für 2 Versionen!!! Außerdem studier' ich an einer internationalen Uni, und ich fänd' es unfair wenn die Leute die kein Deutsch können sich hier die Zähne ausbeißen müssten... :o) Wenn ich mal nix zu tun hab' *gg* mach ich mal was ;o) Vorerst plane ich meinen 8-monatigen Australien-Aufenthalt :o) Danke für euer Verständnis! [jun.06.02]

What should I write today... well, I'm feelin' fine as always :o)))) so I added a bit more nice music :O) more to come... Sibyl and Sini will have to wait a few more days (hopefully I manage on theweekend) for the completion of their special section :O) Though one picture relating to SibSib has to go on this index page I guess (on the right... :O)))) [oct.05.01]

[UPDATE sep.09.01] I updated the the music section, added a quote and I am currently preparing the launch of a completely new sub-section. More to come... PLUS: Achmed [lang:GER|format:mp3]

[UPDATE jul.27.01] Now it's eDennis.de :O))))

[UPDATE jul.14.01] I introduced a guestbook to my page, as a first step towards more interaction with YOU! There's also an archive in the music section now to make the page a little more readable, and there's info about my new favourite DJ player... read on if you want to organise the next IU party ;o)


[UPDATE jun.17.01] A special feature: Find out the songs from the latest German TV commercials [lang:GER]

  First of all, a warm welcome to my newly designed homepage! Actually, my idea was that every page should look a little differently, but as things went... well, you'll have to live with this for a while ;o) (I did something to the links page, though...)
I'm certainly going to extend my homepage constantly in the coming weeks... so check back soon :o) In particular, I'll take some pictures for the section about me... since that's not done yet *ggg* And I'll try to gather more "useful" content for the stuff section (it's useful already by now... check it out!). By the way, I'll post new interesting links occasionally on the -- guess -- links page!    


So, have fun, and please write me what you think about it: londoner2004 at gmx dot net !

Dennis ;o)

September 6, 2001


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